Discovered an awesome artist Jonny Goood!!!!

Yesterday,  I discovered a new artist.  Usually I do not listen hip-hop. But it’s awesome! His name is Jonny Goood. Yes! with triple “o” . Is it cool haaa? And he is a singer/bass player.

First I was captured by the picture in instagram (I discovered him accidently).

Than decided to check his page out.  Went to the link in bio. He describes his music as bass hop. Hip-hop from rocknroller perspective. Another words,  drums,  guitar and bass.  I like this trio so much. Almost any style of music (which usually does not contain following instruments (like hip hop) ) performed with just crunchy guitar bass and drums feel goood for me)))))

I highly encourage you to check him out

Here’s his insta page @jonnygoood

OR just click and find him on any streaming platform like Spotify or iTunes

Rock on !!


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