South Korea 2

Hi everyone ! Here’s the continue of the previous post. We are in South Korea almost one and half month. It’s becoming warmer just a little bit. Here’s still cold wind. And we play open air shows in jackets !)) Yes, you heard right. We experienced a few problems with staff, but now it’s ok. Here is the only one sound engineer, which can work with sound equipment normally. (He doesn’t speak english, so it’s difficult to explain something in details).

Besides all of that we try to make an album. Full length album. The process is slow because of stupid time wasting between shows.

Last 2 weeks our typical working day looks like this

11-30 – first show

13-30 – 2nd show

15-00 – 3rd show

17-30 – 4th show

Everything in between is changing show location, changing costumes, walking, setting up our gear and make up for A.

After working day like this, we learn new songs for upcoming shows.

6 days a week!

So 10-20 min is free time for making an album on day time and one day off.

Must say, pretty difficult for me.

But anyway we already have demo projects for 2 songs. I have to finish an arrangement.

That’s it for today

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